The Ancestors of David Hampton and Ethelyn Worthington of Doylestown

David James Hampton and Ethelyn Worthington Hampton

David James Hampton and Ethelyn Worthington Hampton

3 February 2013

My mother, Marian Hampton Wisser died in December of 2007 before I started my research into her family history.  The only thing I regret about the many intriguing hours I have spent investigating our genealogy,  is that I can’t  share with her all the information in which I know she would have been be so interested.

Marian Hampton was born 6 October, 1930 to David James Hampton and Ethelyn Worthington Hampton.  Her brothers were David, Harvey, and Albert.  It is this family’s ancestors that will be discussed in the accompanying pages.

There is scant information to be found about the generations preceding David on the Hampton side, the result of a mysterious early childhood, as you will see.

There is much information however, about the Worthington side of the family which includes an extensive Quaker ancestry reaching back to the group who came to America with William Penn.  Some of the ancestry was here even before that as you will eventually read.

Surnames that will be discussed or mentioned in the pages that follow include:

Atkinson, Bagham, Baker,  Beal, Bowman, Buckman, Canby, Carr, Carver, Clerk, Craven,  Croasdale, Deane, Doane, Hampton,  Hawthorwaite, Heston,  Hutchinson, Hynde,  Kelly, Lacey,  Lamb, Lee, Leedom, Lloyd,  Malone,  Martin, Oliver,  Paxson,  Rudd, Smith, Snow, Storr, Sydenham, Tomlinson, Twining,  Walmsley, Walton, Wilson, and Worthington.

This blog is dedicated to the memory of all those who came before, who’s hard work and determination made possible the lives we live today.

Eric Wisser


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